• What is Asloo?
    It’s the easiest way to get
    “Likes” on your Facebook Page.
  • How does Asloo work?
    Users sign up to virtual community to exchange "Like" among them.
  • Who is allowed to join in?
    Everyone who has a Facebook Page is welcome to join Asloo.
  • How to get “Likes”?
    It’s very simple: First off, register your campaign and set how many points you want to offer for every "Like".
  • How to get Points?
    Every Facebook Page that you “Like” will pay you from 5 to 10 points in return. You can buy extra points to get “Likes” faster.

Create your campaign

It’s very easy to get “Likes” from the entire world. Just say the community how many points you want to pay for each “Like”. In a few minutes, you will be surprised with the results.

Select a target

If the number of “Likes” is important to your Facebook Page, it’s worth to start a global campaign. But, if you want to, you can also filter the list of targets, based on: country, state, city, gender, age and more.

Measure results

Data and graphs show the results of the campaigns you created. At any time, you can see the number of “Like”, change the cost per “Like” and set your investment to achieve your goals.

Secure payment

Buying points to offer to the community is the fastest way to get “Likes” on your Facebook Page. Choose the best plan to your campaign and make an online payment using PayPal.
Sign Up

Register right now and get 100 points to try Asloo.

Using Asloo is
Totally Free!

It’s free to get Likes on Facebook! However, if you do not have time to devote to the community, purchase one of our plans and offer points for users to “Like” your page! It is the quickest and practice way to get results for your campaign.

Plan 1

from 500 to 1000
U$ 20
+ 500 Points

Plan 2

from 2500 to 5000
U$ 80
+ 2500 Points

Plan 3

from 8000 to 16000
U$ 200
+ 8000 Points

Plan 4

from 20000 to 40000
U$ 400
+ 20000 Points

See where your business can go with Asloo!